Board Summary

Contribute to the development, production, and utilization of natural resources and the advancement and development of related science and technology.
Provides a forum for intellectual exchange and fellowship among scientists and engineers active in academia and industry related to natural resources.
In cooperation with various academic societies, associations, and organizations that are closely related to natural resources such as energy resources, food resources, water resources, and the environment, we promote academic activities for mutual enlightenment and overall development.
Exchanges information with overseas academic societies, associations, and organizations, and hold and co-host international conferences (research presentations).
Publication of academic journals and dissemination of research results.

Research Presentation and Symposium

As a general rule, holds research presentations once a year. In addition to general presentations, research presentations include thematic sessions that provide a forum for an in-depth discussion of specific topics. Symposiums and special lectures are also planned during the research presentations. Symposia and special lectures will cover hot research areas at the time and will feature leading researchers in those fields as lecturers.

Exchange Meeting

In the exchange meeting, reports on problems and experiences in research such as development, production, and utilization of natural resources. The content of the exchange meeting is discussed with related researchers in advance.

Exchanges with Foreign

To promote the development and improvement, exchange information, and cooperate closely with overseas related organizations and organizations. Co-organize international conferences and seminars with relevant groups.


If several members come together to create a workshop on a topic, the board approves it as a workshop or research group and supports its research activities.