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 The "Geographical Research Bulletin" is a comprehensive academic journal that publishes the latest research findings in the field of geography. The establishment of the "Geographical Research Bulletin" has provided a new platform for innovative exploration and academic exchange in geographical research. The journal adheres to a proactive editorial policy, striving to continually enhance the academic standards of its publications.

 Geography is an ancient discipline that continuously evolves. As one of the earliest foundational sciences to emerge in the process of human understanding, utilization, and transformation of nature, geography, focusing on the study of the relationship between the geographical environment and human activities, encompasses both physical and human geography. Whether in physical geography, human geography, or interdisciplinary geography, it is closely tied to human societal activities. Geography is a dynamic field of study, expanding from macro-level investigations to micro-level studies, from the Earth's surface to its depths, and further extending into Earth's spatial dimensions. With the continuous expansion of sub-disciplines within geography, human understanding of the discipline has also improved. In the 21st century, as geographical research progresses, there emerges a new face of geography in terms of content, methodology, breadth, and depth.

 In an era of change, evolving societal needs pose higher demands on geographical research. The application of modern scientific technology to delve deeply into geographical research is a crucial task facing the field.

 The "Geographical Research Bulletin" strives to fulfill these tasks and plays a crucial role in facilitating communication and advancement. As a comprehensive academic journal, it publishes the latest research findings in geography and related disciplines, fostering academic exchange. The "Geographical Research Bulletin" looks forward to the collective efforts of the academic community in driving the continuous development of geographical research. Contributions from around the world are welcomed.

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